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AdvOSS AAA is a Carrier Grade high performance & scalable Server that provides Authentication, Authorization and Accounting over Radius Protocols. It can be used by any telecom or other service provider to get a real-time interface to backend billing and OSS system.
Business Use Cases
Integration Points
Carrier Grade Packs

AdvOSS AAA is composed of the following main requests

  • Authentication
  • Authorization
  • Re-Authorizations
  • Start Accounting
  • Interim Accounting
  • Stop Accounting

AdvOSS AAA comes bundled with the following Applications

  • Authentication Application

    Basic Authentication
    • PIN based
    • CLI/ANI based
    • Username/Password based
    • MD5 Digest Authentication
    • IP based
    Advanced Authentication
    - EAP Authentication
    • EAP-TLS
    • EAP-TTLS
    • EAP-TTLS with MS-CHAP, PAP, MS CHAP v2
  • Authorization Application

    • Authorization (Service & Service Profile)
    • Authorization (Origin)
    • Authorization (Request)
    • Authorization (Concurrency)
    • Authorization (Credit)
    • Authorization (QoS)
    • Authorization (Route)
    • Authorization (Capacity)
    • Others (Pluggable)
  • Re-Authorization Application

    • Unit Reservation
    • Quota Reservation
  • Accounting Application

    • Start Accounting
    • Interim Accounting
    • Stop Accounting
  • Integration with Policy Server

    • For sending Policy based triggers / CoA to clients
  • Session Management Module

    • provides flexible session handling for active user sessions
  • Concurrency Control Application

    • Configurable allowed concurrent sessions for each user.
  • Service Control Application

    • Flexible service control via synchronous and asynchronous pushing of user service profile data to service enforcement points.
  • Logging

    • Configurable log levels for protocol requests and responses.
  • Staging Support

    • Configurable criteria to send selected requests to Backend staging server for predeployment testing and debugging.
  • SNMP Support

    • SNMP agent to interface with an external SNMP manager/NMS.

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