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AdvOSS AAA is a Carrier Grade high performance & scalable Server that provides Authentication, Authorization and Accounting over Radius Protocols. It can be used by any telecom or other service provider to get a real-time interface to backend billing and OSS system.
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AdvOSS AAA provides customizable work-flows for Authentication, Authorization & Accounting via AdvOSS SDP scripting. This enables easy and flexible integration with external billing/charging systems in real time, thus enabling the CSP to seamlessly provide both Prepaid and Postpaid services.

It comes bundled with multiple applications to run behind the AAA Server. These Applications can be quickly and easily customized according to CSP requirements.

It also provides real time session management for ongoing user sessions.

There are many successful installations of AdvOSS AAA and it has been integrated with AAA clients embedded in servers from leading vendors including Cisco, Quintum, Juniper, Dialogic and others.

Other Industry Names for This Product:

- Diameter AAA Server
- Wimax AAA Server

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