Class 5 Residential VoBB (voice over broadband)

AdvOSS Class 5 Residential VoBB is state of the art platform that enables CSPs to offer Next Generation Telephony services to residential customer. It comes with pre-integrated products enabling CSPs to deploy and manage the feature rich VoIP services quickly and flexibility to introduce new service offers anytime at affordable costs.

Business Need:

Broadband penetration around the globe has increased radically over last few years due to mass deployment, rollouts and upgrades of Wimax, FTTH, DSL, Cable & Satellite networks by the Service Providers.

CSPs are looking to find new ways streamline their operations and increase ARPU from their current investments.

Introducing Class 5 Voice over Broadband/Broadband Telephony services for Residential subscriber base, presents great opportunity for Greenfield Operators as well as existing CSPs to increase their revenues and attracting new subscribers with fast time to market.

Voice over Broadband let service providers offer many enhanced features such as ability to make or receive through DID based subscribers from anywhere, Free on net calls to DID based subscribers in different regions, Class 5 features like voicemail, rule based call forwarding and lot more.

AdvOSS Offering:

AdvOSS Residential Voice over Broadband Solution is a turnkey solution enabling Service Providers to deploy innovative Class 5 Voice over Broadband services targeting Residential customer base.

AdvOSS Solution provides exceptional flexibility and control considering the nature of Next Generation Service Providers ever changing business requirements, while lowering the CAPEX and OPEX costs.

Network Diagram

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Solution Composition:

AdvOSS C5 Residential VoBB Solution includes the following main products
  • Residential VoIP AS
  • Core Softswitch
  • Converged B/OSS Products (CRM with DID Inventory Management, Billing, Charging & Rating Engine & Provisioning Engine)

Solution Benefits:

Turnkey Solution:

AdvOSS C5 Residential VoBB includes full range B/OSS, Application Server & Switching products needed by CSPs to efficiently deliver and manage Voice over Broadband services. All these products are pre-integrated thus eliminating any cost associated with integration between different third party products.

Class 5 features:

AdvOSS Residential VoIP AS comes out of the box with powerful set of Class 5 features allowing Service Providers to introduce new service offers quickly. This includes following and more

  • Voicemail
  • IVR based Self care through Hot Keys
  • Call Forwarding (Conditional & Unconditional)
  • Speed Dial
  • Call Blocking (based on Caller ID)
  • Caller ID Supression
Sophisticated DID Management:

It offers sophisticated management of DIDs, with ability to assign, manage and control multiple DIDs with multiple channels or vice versa for Residential customers.

ENUM/Toll Bypass:

In addition to offer features such as Free on net calls for customers spread across different geographical locations or regions, AdvOSS Solution also supports lso supports ENUM/Toll bypass, enabling customers to communicate with each other over SIP. Using ENUM lookup calls can be seamlessly routed IP to IP bypassing any a-z terminator or a PSTN network. This IP-IP communications offers significant cost saving to CSPs as well as their customers.


AdvOSS C5 Residential VoBB solution is highly scalable. It can linearly scale with capacity to increase subscribers base from 2,000 to 1 Million plus

Fully Redundant:
AdvOSS Solution is fully redundant and supports High Availability & Failover Clustering.
Disaster Recovery:
AdvOSS Solution can be deployed in two geographically distant data centers, for disaster recovery reasons.
Add-on Value added offerings:
Using AdvOSS Portfolio, CSPs can introduce wide range of high value products or services to their customers which are in hot demand nowadays such as…
  • Fixed Mobile Convergence
  • Prepaid Calling Cards Solution

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