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AdvOSS offers suite of Next Generation SIP based Application Servers for providing Call Control Intelligence and executing Service Logic for feature rich SIP Applications. This includes various Value Added & Class 5 Application Servers which can be used for providing Residential, Enterprise & Wholesale/Peering services and more.

Also SIP AS comes with an open API for Provisioning and has built-in AAA Client supporting Radius and Diameter protocols for AAA(Authentication Authorization & Accounting).

AdvOSS SIP Application Servers are powered by the AdvOSS Service Delivery Platform (SDP) and come bundled with AdvOSS Media Server and AdvOSS Database.

The following Application Servers are currently available:

1. SIP Trunking AS

2. Class 5 Residential VoIP AS

3. CallBack AS

4. Prepaid Voice AS (Phone 2 Phone)

5. Fixed Mobile Convergence

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