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Policy Server is required by any service provider who has complex service management needs and have to make policy driven decisions based on business rules to realize those needs. AdvOSS Policy Server enables a service provider to create policies and define their business rules for any business process e.g. Routing, Charging, Resources allocation and others. It specially realizes the PCRF (Policy Charging Rules Function) as defined in the PCC framework of 3GPP for next generation networks like LTE, IMS, Wi-Max and other 4G technologies

Business Use Cases
Integration Points

Integration Points

AdvOSS Policy Server offers points of integration with the following systems:

  • AAA Server

    AdvOSS Policy Server integrates with AAA Server for getting Network info and providing Zoning & Rules policies to Charging Engine.

  • Charging & Rating Engine

    AdvOSS Charging & Rating Engine can integrate with Voucher Management Systems that are responsible for managing the voucher lifecycle. AdvOSS offers its own fully featured Voucher Management System as well with which AdvOSS Charging & Rating Engine comes pre-integrated.

  • Other Network Elements & Access Servers/Application Server:Policy Server interacts with Network elements that act as Point of Enforcement for enforcing the QoS parameters as per Communication Service Provider's policy. The enforcement point polices each flow according to the instructions received by it about that flow from Policy Server.

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