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Policy Server is required by any service provider who has complex service management needs and have to make policy driven decisions based on business rules to realize those needs. AdvOSS Policy Server enables a service provider to create policies and define their business rules for any business process e.g. Routing, Charging, Resources allocation and others. It specially realizes the PCRF (Policy Charging Rules Function) as defined in the PCC framework of 3GPP for next generation networks like LTE, IMS, Wi-Max and other 4G technologies

Business Use Cases
Integration Points
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AdvOSS Policy Server Modules

The AdvOSS Policy Server is composed of the following modules:

  • Policy Broker
  • Zoning module
  • Rules based Engine
  • PCRF (Policy and Charging Rules Function)
  • Reference Points
    • Gx
    • Rx
    • Sp
    • Sy

Policy Broker

Policy Broker provides a point for request brokerage towards multiple policy evaluation points through different connectors. out of box connectors include:

  • External Servers over Diameter Gx
  • WSDL Web service
  • Database Stored Procedures
  • XML over Socket

Zoning Module

Zoning Module is a mandatory module of the Policy Server. It allows defining matching rules on lists against IDs returned by the Network Elements. Zoning is used at three places:

  • To exercise Control on allowing or denying access and more extensively on the Service Profile applied
  • To help in defining charging rules which are based on clubbing on Network IDs into different Zones
  • To help in defining Routing policies used to send traffic on the Vendor side

Zoning is of many types where each type of Zone is based on one type of ID returned from the Network.

Access Zoning

Allows zoning based on Framed IP addresses used by Subscribers to gain access to the network. It allows zoning based on Network topology awareness and sub-netting information.

Origin Zoning

Allows zoning based on Calling Station IDs. Can also be used to identify home networks from visited network in roaming cases and apply policies based on origin location.

Access Number Zoning

Allows zoning based on the Access Number used to gain access.

Destination Zoning

Allows zoning based on the Called Station ID. Typically used to group Request-URIs

Other Zonings (pluggable through hooks)

Rules Based Engine

Rules based engine is used to use the Zone info returned from the Zoning module to apply charging policies for Rating. It is also used to inform the Routing server about the Routing Policy.

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