AdvOSS SDP is a Programmable, Extensible and Enhanceable Service Delivery Platform that enables the CSPs to develop and integrate new services at a brisk pace, as per their business requirements.

Carrier Grade Packs

Service Creation and Delivery

A key concept in the AdvOSS SDP is that of enablers (also known as Connectors). Different protocol stacks can can be plugged into an SDP instance as connectors or enablers e.g. RADIUS, XML, DIMETER, Media, HTTP, SIP etc. All these protocol processing stacks serve as front-end connectors for the SDP’s execution engine.

Primitives are basic API building blocks exposed by an enabler. Primitives encapsulate logic that can be called as an API atomically from a script. They are fixed and define the feature set offered by a certain version of an enabler.

Transport Binding:
Each Enabler offers a transport binding, over which it can communicate with other network resources. E.g. some transport bindings are as follows:

  • XML over HTTP
  • SOAP
  • XML over  TCP/UDP
  • SIP over UDP/TCP

AdvOSS has a set of enablers currently available, and this pool of available enablers is continuously expanded to cover a wider feature set available to the CSP through SDP. Moreover, AdvOSS can offer specific enablers to meet the requirements of a CSP, on demand, if pre-existing set of enablers is not enough for realizing the CSP's specific business requirements.

SDP supports Call-flows (also called work-flows) written in an XML based scripting language. This language is derived from W3C standardized CCXML (Call Control XML). AdvOSS has added several additional primitives to the base CCXML language to enhance it for particular service delivery environments and applications. The extended language has been given a proprietary name i.e. SCCXML (Service Creation and Control XML).

SDP based AdvOSS products therefore, offer full Call-flow programmability and service control capability. This has resulted in high flexibility and ease in creating customized service logic behind the standard protocol serving front-ends.

SDP can be utilized to easily make a multitude of advanced Server Applications for CSPs. Some of the example Server Applications that are already built using AdvOSS SDP are the following:

  • Radius AAA Server
  • Diameter Server
  • Session Border Controller (SBC)
  • SIP Application Servers
    • Pre-Paid VoIP Application Server
    • Consumer Telephony
    • Enterprise Hosted IP PBX (Centrex)
    • IVR
    • Call Center Application
    • Web-Based Callback Application
    • Whol-Sale VoIP
  • Policy Rules Based Engine

All of the above Applications, as well as countless others can be made possible on top of the AdvOSS SDP, without recompiling the code and based on just scripting, as long as the underlying Enablers are present in the SDP.

Supported SIP RFCs

    RFC 3261
    RFC 3263
    RFC 3264
    RFC 3265
    RFC 4566
    RFC 3550
    RFC 3903
    RFC 3262
    RFC 4694
    RFC 3966
    RFC 5547
    RFC 3455
    RFC 3680
    RFC 4346
Supported Radius RFCs
    RFC 2865
    RFC 2866
    RFC 3579
    RFC 5216

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