AdvOSS SDP is a Programmable, Extensible and Enhanceable Service Delivery Platform that enables the CSPs to develop and integrate new services at a brisk pace, as per their business requirements.

Carrier Grade Packs

AdvOSS SDP Modules

  • SIP

    SDP  uses its own SIP stack called 4G SIP. Exclusively built on top of AdvOSS indigenously developed middleware AMPS, this SIP stack delivers one of the highest performances available. It is modularly divided into separate layers of Transport, Parser, Transaction management and Dialog management. The SIP stack exposes a rish set of APIs for manipulation of SIP headers and messages at various levels of details of the message components. It also has the capability to store its complete State into an external database and rebuild from there in case of any crash.

  • Media Server

    AdvOSS Media Server is a powerful media handling software platform that provides media handling capabilities used by SIP applications to realize media handling use cases.

    AdvOSS Media Server exposes a SIP based interface to its controlling application servers. The SIP interface encapsulates XML based messages in SIP message body, in the form of SIP info method, to control media server operations. Our implementation uses a standardized XML based language to control media server called MSCML, standard is specified in IETF RFC 4722.AdvOSS has also done some proprietary extensions to MSCML.

    The SIP Interface over the media server allows for easy integration with other SIP based products. It also provides a centralized layer for all types of media handling for all products.

    Media server can work with any other SIP Application Server supporting MSCML to process and stream media files. Media server supports several media handling features for example:

    • Media relaying
    • Trans-coding
    • Conference creation
    • Media mixing for conferences
    • Media recording for voice mails
    • Other recording applications
    • Playing pre-stored media files for IVR and other announcement applications
    • DTMF digits collection for IVR and auto-attendant applications etc.

  • Radius

    This module provides complete RADIUS based AAA functionality. The module can be configured as both a RADIUS client that can be used by SIP and other types of business Applications for AAA, as well as a complete RADIUS server that can be used to server other AAA clients embedded in external systems such as Routers, BRAS, Soft-Switches etc. AdvOSS AAA server is built entirely on RADIUS module in SDP acting as a server.

  • Diameter

    This module provides AAA as well as other functionality over DIAMETER. The module can be configured as both a DIAMETER client that can be used by SIP and other types of business Applications for AAA over DIAMETER, as well as a DIAMETER server that can be used to server other AAA clients supporting DIAMETER. When acting as a DIAMETER server, this module, in conjunction with Application scripting, can realize several 3GPP and IETF DIAMETER applications such as PCRF, Online & Offline Charging, HSS etc.

  • SMPP

    This module provides a set of methods to send and receive SMS messages over SMPP protocol with third party SMPP servers.

  • HTTP

    This module provides an HTTP library to writers of application scripts to send and receive HTTP based messages from web-services. RESTFUL APIS can be easily implemented and exposed for external web-based systems to integrate telephony applications using this module.

  • Session Monitoring

    This module provides support for session management and monitoring for real-time SDP sessions. Sessions can be SIP sessions, RADIUS, DIAMETER or other application sessions. Sessions are maintained in database for persistent storage and are also used to during recovery from a system crash to reconstruct ongoing calls.

  • Database Connectivity

    This module provides connectivity to externally attached database systems for session maintenance, event logging, SIP registrations, subscriber profiles and any other persistent state management. As of now, MySQL and Oracle databases are supported.

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