AdvOSS Service Management Solution

AdvOSS Service Management Solution is a set of AdvOSS products closely functioning together to render service management functions for today's communication service providers (CSPs). It interfaces with Service Delivery and Policy Enforcement points on one side and multiple other functions inside the core network of the CSP. In addition to it, it provides multiple functions within itself which are needed to realize service management use cases of CSPs.

Business Requirements:

The real challenge faced by today's Communication Service Providers (CSPs) is that the proliferation of smart-phones and other sophisticated end-point devices, coupled with the high volume of Over-The-Top (OTT) applications has placed high demands on service management solutions. Once thought to be merely Authentication for username/passwords, Authorization for basic credit control, and Accounting for simple Call Data Record (CDR) generation, today's AAA systems need to realize complex business use cases to help CSPs monetize the new explosive growth in use of data services and the ability to offer converged multiple services.

AdvOSS Service Management Solution Architecture
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AdvOSS Service Management Solution is composed of four products:

  • AdvOSS-AAA server that acts as the protocol specific front-end for interfacing with AAA clients. It provides RADIUS and DIAMETER based interfaces to AAA clients. Clients in this case are network elements that are performing service delivery or policy enforcement functions.

  • AdvOSS HSS(Home Subscriber Server) that is the main Subscriber Repository for subscriber, service and subscription related data.

  • AdvOSS Policy Manager that is Policy evaluation function with a built-in rule based engine to handle different policy decisions according to CSP policies.

  • AdvOSS SDE (Service Delivery Engine) with multiple AAA Applications realized on the SDE. This makes the heart of the full solution and provides the glue between different network elements. These AAA Applications include Authentication, Authorization and Accounting and in addition to their basic functions, handle advanced business logic and workflows for service management. They realize end to end business use cases and service management scenarios. These are built on the service creation and execution environment provided by SDE. SDE is an advanced workflow execution system that can execute complex business logic.

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