"AdvOSS Webinar – PCRF for RADIUS based Broadband Networks

Title: PCRF for RADIUS based Broadband Networks
Presenter: Syed Hashmi - Founder & CEO AdvOSS
Date: Oct 10, 2012 9:00 AM PST

PCRF (Policy & Charging Rules Function) is at the heart of any modern communications service provider’s core network and it controls the way services are delivered and charged for customers. The standard developed mainly for 3G and newer standards and requires a real-time DIAMETER based access network which is an expensive venture.

Most ISPs including Wireless & Wire line Broadband Service Providers still do not have a Policy Server / PCRF in their core and that is holding them from meeting the use cases like capped volume & time based quotas, network congestion management, fair-usage enforcements, QOS Assurance, tiered service plans, intelligent bandwidth control and so on.

AdvOSS has come up with a solution that allows the existing ISPs to plug-in PCRF in their existing Radius based networks. This is an ideal platform for all existing & greenfield Service Providers such as WiMAX/4G, FTTH, DSL, Cable EVDO and other to deliver personalized, enhanced and engaging broadband communication services.

The Duration of the Video is 28m : 38s

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Syed Hashmi is the founder and CEO of AdvOSS; an emerging leader in telecommunication software and solution market place. He is an industry veteran, leading design, development & overall strategy of AdvOSS products currently deployed for many Telco's & Communication Service Providers worldwide.

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Key Audience is business executives and technical management of CSPs, Telecom System Integrators and Value Added Resellers