Billing Support Systems

A platform that provides the basic information and data model for Billing Support Systems. It also provides an API that can be used by higher level applications to provide BSS functionality

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Handles all aspects of Services, Product Catalogue, Subscribers, their Subscriptions and Identities. Provides web based portals for Administrators, Customer Service Representatives, Channel Partners, Suppliers and Customers Self-Serve

Provides billing of Subscription based services, their invoicing, payment processing, Subscriber Life Cycle Management, integration with Charging and Rating engine as well as Provisioning of Services.

Provides solution for pre-paid vouchers through their complete life-cycle and integration with Billing and other payment processing systems

Provides complete management of sales channels for new customer sign-up, payment processing and post-sales operations. Supports creation, distribution and redemption of electronic credit.

Provides billing settlements towards Interconnect partners. Uses Rating engine to rate instances of individual service usage. Also provides reconciliation of individual records from both sides.


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