Carrier Interconnect Solution

Carrier Interconnect Solution is a B2B (Business to Business) solution and allows an operator to Interconnect with other operators. It is ideally suited for those telecom service providers which need to inter-connect with other operators especially with an incumbent, large or monopoly telecom operator.

InterConnect in telecom industry means sharing of networks and voice traffic of different operators by other operators. It provides the facility of cost calculations for each operator which is using shared network. InterConnect billing can provide different ways of charging, settlements, reconciliation and dispute resolution.

It provides full billing features required for origination, termination and transit traffic. AdvOSS InterConnect Solution is fully featured with e-billing as well as printed billing facilities.

Target market for Carrier interconnect solution

  • LDI (Long Distance and International) operators
  • LL/WLL operators for their interconnection with LDIs
  • Cellular mobile/GSM operators for their interconnect partners
  • VoIP operators for wholesale origination and termination

With a flexible architecture, AdvOSS InterConnect Solution covers all kind of billing requirements for a telecom operator. This state-of-the-art solution is highly scalable billing product which allows a telecom operator to grow its network without any limitation at billing end.

The following products are included in Carrier interconnect solution


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