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AdvOSS Charging & Rating Engine enables a service provider to track usage of its services by its customers. It includes a quota manager that consumes usage of services against different counters defined as part of subscriptions. It also includes an Account Balance Management Function that keeps track of customer's balances. Rating Engine allows flexible pricing mechanisms for usage of services including flat, time varying, progressive and others.
Business Use Cases
Integration Points
Carrier Grade Packs
Business Use Cases

  • Charging
    • Counter Charging
      • Counters for specific destinations
      • Counters for specific time slots
      • Fair-usage thresholds for counters
      • Higher frequency sub-units like daily or weekly limits within a monthly counter
      • Friend n Family and other user specific counters
        • Work flows for arbitrary business logic to allow setting such counters
        • Interface with subscriber self-serve
    • Monetary Charging
      • Connection Charges
      • Duration based charging
      • Usage based charging
      • Event based charging
    • Multiple rounding schemes for used units
    • Re-Rating application
  • Rating
    • Time varying rates for duration, usage and events
    • Progressive rates for duration, usage and events
    • Hooks for arbitrary rating schemes
    • Rating Classes
      • Hooks for arbitrary rules definition for rating classes
  • Prefix Matching for counters or rating
    • Longest Prefix matching
    • Exact Prefix matching
    • Substring matching
    • Start string matching
    • Others definable through hooks
  • Authorization Application
    • Counter Matching
    • Rate Matching
    • Balance verification
    • Return of total allowed units of Duration, Usage or Events to enforcement point
  • Unit Reservation or Online Charging (OCS) Application
    • Multiple Charging Basis
      • Duration
      • Usage
      • Events
    • Multiple simultaneous charging for single session based on Duration and Usage
    • Reservation of Counter Units or monetary credit
    • Use of single customer balance for multiple concurrent sessions without credit risk
    • Change of tarriff and change of counter support
    • Support for Radius or Diameter server
    • Service Denial based on time of day through rating engine
  • Interim Accounting Application
    • Real-Time charging of session on every interim on multiple basis
      • Duration
      • Usage
    • Functioning with or without unit reservation
    • Detailed sub-records for each session for counter and rating changes
  • Stop Accounting Application
    • Refund of unused counter and credit units
  • Revenue Assurance
    • Reconciliation with secondary CDR sources
  • Credit Control
    • Real-Time interface to account balance management
    • Real-Time interface to taxation
    • Comprehensive alerting

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