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AdvOSS Charging & Rating Engine enables a service provider to track usage of its services by its customers. It includes a quota manager that consumes usage of services against different counters defined as part of subscriptions. It also includes an Account Balance Management Function that keeps track of customer's balances. Rating Engine allows flexible pricing mechanisms for usage of services including flat, time varying, progressive and others.
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AdvOSS Charging & Rating Engine architecture is based on open APIs and hence can be easily integrated with other B/OSS products to build larger solutions. AdvOSS has a range of B/OSS products in its portfolio with which AdvOSS Charging & Rating Engine comes pre-integrated as part of AdvOSS Solutions.

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Other Industry Names for This Product:

  • Prepaid Charging & Billing System
  • Real-time Charging & Rating System
  • OCS (Online Charging System)
  • IMS Rating Engine
  • Converged Charging & Rating
  • Multi-services/Triple play Charging & Rating
  • Session Based Charging
  • Usage Based Charging & Rating
  • Event Based Charging & Rating

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