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AdvOSS Charging & Rating Engine enables a service provider ttrack usage of its services by its customers. It includes a quota manager that consumes usage of services against different counters defined as part of subscriptions. It alsincludes an Account Balance Management Function that keeps track of customer's balances. Rating Engine allows flexible pricing mechanisms for usage of services including flat, time varying, progressive and others.

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Charging Engine Modules

The AdvOSS Charging Engine offers the following modules

  • Account Balance Management
  • Charging Application
    • Duration Based Charging
    • Event Based Charging
    • Usage Based Charging
    • Duplicate CDR removal
  • Mediation Lite
  • Basic Reconciliation
  • Revenue Assurance Lite
  • Quota Management
  • Credit Control Application

    • Real time Authorization/Re-authorization via customizable workflows.

AdvOSS Rating Engine Modules

  • Duration Based Rate Sheets
  • Usage Based Rate Sheets
  • Event Based Rate Sheets
  • Multi-services Rating
  • Rounding
  • Time of the Day/Day of the week
  • Holiday Discounts
  • Progressive Rating
  • Taxation Management
  • Rate Activation Management

All Rating Features mentioned above are optional and can be provided tCSP as per the business requirements and the product license acquired.

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