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AdvOSS is a Canadian company incorporated in the province of Ontario and having head office in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. AdvOSS is an in-house developer of a range of software products used by Communications Service Providers (CSPs) in their core network.

AdvOSS was founded in 2001 in Redwood City, California and in 2007 moved to Vancouver, Canada. This was the time when Service Provider market was going through major structural revolutions.Services were moving away from closed proprietary protocols of the past towards all IP models. Deployments and service delivery functions were getting distributed all over the cloud. Proprietary protocols were being replaced by industry standard interfaces.

Common off the shelf servers running Linux and other open source software were pumping more throughput than heavy custom made 'appliances' of the past and the conventional large scale providers were trying to cope with these rapid changes by loading one module on top of another, up their monolithic last generation product architectures.

AdvOSS realized a need to re-engineer the software products meeting the needs of the next generation all IP, open standards based, cloud enabled service providers.

For three years between 2007 and 2010, AdvOSS produced the architectures of the future and came up among others with artifacts like:

  • AMPS (Asynchronous Middleware for Parallel Systems), a middleware to develop and realize the protocols of the future
  • SCCXML (Service Creation and Control XML), a scripting language to create scripts for Service Delivery and Service Management for the next generation of CSPs

These and other artifacts have allowed AdvOSS to in-house development of a range of technologies geared towards the Communications Service Provider market much more than the basic functionality.

As a Software Vendor, AdvOSS strives not to just 'vend' the software. We take full ownership of the operations and requirements of our customers. We've worked on one of the most detailed SLAs in the industry and have developed the capability to work with a range of different teams in different roles, each working in concert, to deliver a high value service to our customers.

We invest heavily into the training of our partners and are building a full ecosystem of partners that will allow each partner to focus on its core competence and be able to maximize the value coming out of it.

While being your vendor, we would like to act more as your share holder, as someone who invests in the long run value of your company and as someone who is willing to wait for his rewards and tie them to your success. Talk to us today to discover more.

Company Facts:

Legal Name: Advanced IMS Inc

Trade Name: AdvOSS

Year Incorporated: 2007 in the province of Ontario, Canada

Ownership: Privately held

Current Staff: 60

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