AdvOSS SIP Application Server provides Call Control Intelligence and Service Logic exexcution for feature rich SIP Applications. This includes various Value Added & Class 5 Application Servers which can be used for providing Residential, Enterprise & Wholesale/Peering services and more.
Overview Modules
Business Use Cases
Carrier Grade Packs

Business Use Cases

  • DID to Residential phone calls

    Allows a look up to find the customer to whom the DID is assigned to forward the call to his registered end-point if any

  • Outgoing VoIP Calls

    Allows customers to do outgoing calls through VoIP that use the operator’s terminator network to complete

  • On-Net Toll Bypass

    If the called end-point is registered online then the call is complete directly by-passing any toll charges through terminators for such calls

  • Support for mobile dialers

    Any SIP based dialers on mobile and smart phones can be registered and make outgoing and incoming calls through VoIP that use operator’s network

  • Support for devices

    Allow other SIP based devices to be used as end-points for making outgoing and incoming calls

    • ATA boxes
    • IP Phones

  • Voice mail

    Voice mail module allows playing an IVR, record messages and then playing them again over IVR or allowing to be downloaded through a web based interface

  • Video calling

    • If the end-points support video, it can added one way or both ways within the same SIP session. Multiple video codecs are supported

  • Fixed Mobile Convergence

    Allows customers to have multiple hand-sets including their mobile phones and transfer calls between IP based and mobile devices on the fly

  • Value Added Services
    • Ringback Tones
    • CallerID Withholding
    • Call Hold
    • Call Waiting
    • Three way calling
    • Find me / Follow me
    • Call Forwarding
      • Unconditional
      • Time of day based
      • Caller ID based
      • No Answer
      • Busy
  • Charging for value added services

    Allows charging of each of the value added service separately by integrating with an external HSS (Home Subscriber Server) to pull the service profile applied to individual customers

  • Special Announcements

    Media Announcement modules allows any announcements to be made during the call

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