AdvOSS SIP Application Server provides Call Control Intelligence and Service Logic exexcution for feature rich SIP Applications. This includes various Value Added & Class 5 Application Servers which can be used for providing Residential, Enterprise & Wholesale/Peering services and more.
Overview Modules
Business Use Cases
Carrier Grade Packs

Functional Modules

  • Incoming Calls

    Allows to assign a DID to a customer and to forward any calls coming on the DID to the registered end point for that customer

  • Outgoing Calls

    Allows any end-point to make outgoing VoIP calls which are terminated through operator’s network

  • IVR Captive Portal

    An IVR which is played prompting users towards payment methods when the Authorization for credit fails

  • IVR Self care

    An IVR based portal with basic use cases like checking voice mail and enquiring about last payment or current balance

  • Media Announcement

    A way to play specific files when customer’s dial specific numbers. It could be the advice of rate which is going to be charged or any other announcement

  • Voicemail

    A complete module to store voice mails and let users listen to them through IVR and web based interfaces

  • Class 5 services

    Multiple value added services. See business use cases for details

  • Simultaneous Ringing

    A way to allow multiple call legs to be forked for a single call that results in the call ringing on multiple end-points at the same time. All other legs are cancelled when the call is replied by any one of the end-points

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