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AdvOSS Franchisee Management System enables a service provider to appoint a network of franchisees for sales and payment processing. It also allows sales and tracking of payment vouchers to them. It supports creation, distribution and eventual redemption of electronic credit as a method of payment and for this purpose allows franchisees to make their own network of reseller franchisees. Includes self-serve portal for Franchisee admins and tellers.

Business Use Cases
Integration Points
Carrier Grade Packs
Business Use Cases

  • Manage Franchisees
    • Contact Info
    • Credit Limits
    • Discount Percentages
    • Portal Access
  • Sell Vouchers
    • Sales Returns
  • Allocate Vouchers
  • Allocate Inventory
  • Sell Service Credit
  • Receive Payments
  • Franchisee Self-Serve
    • Redeem Service Credit into Subscriber Account
    • Transfer Service Credit to other Franchisees
    • Create New Subscribers
      • Sell Inventory to Subscribers

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