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AdvOSS Franchisee Management System enables a service provider to appoint a network of franchisees for sales and payment processing. It also allows sales and tracking of payment vouchers to them. It supports creation, distribution and eventual redemption of electronic credit as a method of payment and for this purpose allows franchisees to make their own network of reseller franchisees. Includes self-serve portal for Franchisee admins and tellers.

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Integration Points
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Integration Points

AdvOSS Franchisee Management System offers points of integration with the following systems:

Billing Systems

For redemption of credit into customer's account or transfer into AdvOSS Franchisee Management System can integrate with the Account Balance Management Function (ABMF) inside the Billing Systems that are responsible for billing and revenue management. AdvOSS offers its own fully featured Converged Billing System as well with which AdvOSS Franchisee Management System pre-integrated.

Interface with Voucher Management Systems

Prepaid Vouchers remain the main secondary method of receiving payments and there are definitive reasons for their existence in the value chain of distribution of credit. AdvOSS Franchisee Management System integrates seamlessly with any external Voucher Management System including AdvOSS' own Voucher Management System.

Prepaid Vouchers are usually of two types:

  • Scratch Cards: There are cards with a hidden PIN that the customer can scratch and redeem into his account.
  • Dispensable PINs: These are PINs that are electronically dispensed to a Customer from a machine. The machine can be a Kiosk, ATM, PoS Terminal other such mechanisms.

AdvOSS Franchisee Management System comes with exposed APIs and multiple interfaces on those APIs to integrate easily with any such external system. Interface on APIs include:

  • Web Service based on SOAP
  • XML
  • JSON
  • and many others

Interface with third party payment cards:

At times it is easier to ride onto any existing network of Resellers already established by another payment card. While Visa and MasterCard are example of huge networks which are technically Resellers for a Service Provider, there are other payment cards which are grossly popular and almost ubiquitously available in different markets. One possible example is the CashU card available in most middle eastern markets. An account with CashU immediately provides access to payment collection from the whole covered region. AdvOSS Franchisee Management System comes with out of the box support for few such cards and other cards can be integrated quickly and easily through the open API for this purpose.

Interface with Order Management Systems:

A Service Provider can extend the responsibilities of signing up new customers to the Franchisees. AdvOSS Franchisee Management System integrates easily with any Order Management System and comes fully integrated with AdvOSS' own CRM system for Order Management purposes. If the sign up on new customers requires managing and distributing inventory, AdvOSS Franchisee Management System comes with standard APIs to allow easy integration with Inventory Management Systems.

Accounting Systems

AdvOSS Franchisee Management System can integrate with Accounting systems that are responsible for managing the accounting information for the CSP. The integration is done through reports generated by AdvOSS Franchisee Management System and imported into the Accounting System.

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