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AdvOSS Franchisee Management System enables a service provider to appoint a network of franchisees for sales and payment processing. It also allows sales and tracking of payment vouchers to them. It supports creation, distribution and eventual redemption of electronic credit as a method of payment and for this purpose allows franchisees to make their own network of reseller franchisees. Includes self-serve portal for Franchisee admins and tellers.

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Economies of scale dictate that to reach the remotest parts of the globe and to collect micro payments, it usually takes a series of resellers in the whole value chain. AdvOSS Franchisee Management System therefore allows these distributors to create Resellers under their account which in turn can create Resellers under them to any depth of Resellers. Distributor purchases Service Credit from the Service Provider and distributes it to his Resellers.

With typical micro payments coming in the $1 to $10 range per subscriber, it allows each level of Reseller to consolidate his efforts at a bigger level while at the same time allows the Service Provider to deal with a few distributors that manage their own sales channels.

This empowers the Service Provider to create his own "Credit Eco System".

The Functionality:

Service Provider creates his own Credit and transfers to his Distributors. AdvOSS Franchisee Management System offers the Service Provider to choose different arrangements with the Distributors ranging from strictly prepaid to prepaid with some varying credit limit. In all cases, the system controls credit and its exposure in real-time under given credit limits.
Once the distributor has his credit available into his account, he can either redeem the credit directly into a customers account on any of the provided interfaces or he can transfer this credit into any of his child reseller's account. Any party in the chain of the resellers can create further resellers or redeem credit into a customer's account.
Since the distribution process of credit is all electronic, there are no inventories of prepaid cards or physical vouchers to manage and distribute. Credit can be made available to any part of the world wherever required in a matter of minutes.

Other Industry Names for This Product:

  • Franchisee Network Sales Management System
  • Top up Management/Direct Top-up
  • EasyLoad Platform
  • Franchisee POS System
  • EPOS
  • Payment Processing Gateway Management
  • Franchisee Distribution Channel Management

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