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AdvOSS started it roots in year 1999 when founder Syed Hashmi started development of some products for the emerging Internet industry with a small team of developers.

In 2001, he registered the company in Redwood City, California as "Advanced Communications" and released two lines of products. One was called "Hosting Controller" that provided an automation solution for hosting companies. The other was called "Advanced VoIP" that provided a billing solution for VoIP providers.

Over the next six years, till 2007, Hosting Controller was to become one of the most widely used product among hosting industry with more than 3,000 companies using the product worldwide. Hosting Controller was moved and incorporated in Canada in 2007 as Hosting Controller Inc. It still exists and today is one of the leading companies in the exciting Cloud Computing market place, providing automation solutions for Infrastructure, Platform and Software as a Service providers.

Advanced VoIP was to become a popular billing solution among calling card operators with more than 300 licenses sold.

In 2006, Syed met his university class fellow Farhan Zaidi where both had already completed 15 years in industry. After his masters from University of Southern California, Farhan had been working for high tech companies mainly in Silicon Valley and had just quit his job working for Nortel as one of their lead engineers in their San Jose labs.

Together they realized synergies with Farhan bringing in his 15 year of experience in Service Delivery, Service Management and in leading 'teams of high tech engineers' and with Syed bringing in his 15 years of experience in Service Charging, Cloud Computing and in leading 'self funded startup companies'.

They spent one year together brainstorming on the possible software architectures for the next generation of Service Providers and that resulted in AdvOSS; a company formed with the passion to 'conquer the core' network of Service Providers. AdvOSS was incorporated in Canada in the province of Ontario in 2007 and in 2009 moved to its present location in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

AdvOSS started a rigorous development cycle with three different teams working at the same time.

  • First team working on SIP, IMS and related suite of products to be used in Service Delivery
  • Second team working on Radius, Diameter and related suite of products to be used in Service Management
  • Third team working on Billing, Charging and related suite of products primarily targeting Service Charging.

In 2008, AdvOSS test launched its integrated suite of three different product lines that could be used independently or used together. If used together, these product lines offered almost the complete range of functionalities required by any next generation service provider in its core.

Over the next two years till 2010, AdvOSS matured its product offerings working extensively on their stability, reliability, usability, scalability, high availability, adaptability, extensibility and many other quality attributes that would make AdvOSS products into what the large carrier grade service providers need and want beyond its basic functionality.

Today AdvOSS products and solutions are behind some of world's leading Service Providers and Telcos and are delivering high value to its customers.

AdvOSS is in an 'emerging and growth' stage and in an ideal world, as a Canadian company would like to fill up the vacuum left by Nortel.

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