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AdvOSS Interconnect Billing manages all relations of a carrier with its vendors and wholesale customers. It integrates with the rating engine to rate each instance of service usage as per rates provided by vendors in their rate sheets as well as for customers. It supports multiple currencies and allows to send and receive invoices and do payment settlements. Also provides reconciliation tools for matching usage records with vendors. Includes a self-serve portal for vendors.
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InterConnect Billing can provide different ways of charging, clear settlement of accounts and reconciliation. It provides comprehensive billing features needed for Origination, Termination and Transit traffic. Advoss InterConnect Billing provides full management of Interconnect settlements between operators. It is a Business to Business product. This adaptive and flexible architecture makes it suitable for NGN accounting and billing requirements.

AdvOSS Interconnect Billing has been developed to provide great level of robustness, scalability and various add-on features. It accurately bills all type of calls like outgoing, incoming, lease line, VPN, private and indirect access, intelligent network and transit accurately. In a Carrier grade network it does accurate billing for call originations, call terminations and call transits. InterConnect Billing targets several operators like:

  • CLEC and ILEC Operators
  • LL/WLL Operators for their interconnection with LDI's
  • Cellular Mobile/GSM operators for their InterConnect partners
  • VoIP Operators for Wholesale Origination and Termination

AdvOSS InterConnect Billing architecture is based on open APIs and hence can be easily integrated with other B/OSS products to build larger solutions. AdvOSS has a range of B/OSS products in its portfolio with which AdvOSS InterConnect Billing comes pre-integrated as part of AdvOSS Solutions.

Other Industry Names for This Product:

  • Inter-Carrier Billing
  • Carrier Wholesale Billing
  • Wholesale Billing
  • Vendor side Billing
  • Vendor Management
  • Termination Billing
  • B2B Billing

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