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AdvOSS Least Cost Router is a high performance external route determination software supporting millions of the destinations and rates. AdvOSS LCR is state of the art Product for VoIP Peering provider interconnection capability with different terminators.

Integration Points
Carrier Grade Packs

Carrier Grade Packs

Carrier Grade Packs are a set of modules that augment the functionality of AdvOSS Products for carrier grade deployments. Check individual product details to see which modules are available for that product and for other details. They are as follows:

NMS Agents

Provides a set of Agents that can be integrated with any external NMS (Network Management System) including AdvOSS' own NMS

  • Logging Agent

    Provides detailed activity logs and reports all raw facts as they happen to an external manager that logs these events and may use them to compute performance metrics defined on any activity over a period of time

  • Monitoring Agent

    Provides key statistics and metrics about the current state of the Application as available at the point of time of querying. Information is available over SNMP and XML interfaces as a unique OID for each metric.

  • Error Reporting Agent

    Reports all errors as they occur within the Application to an external server. The external server may then be configured to send alarms and alerts on specific errors. All AdvOSS Products and their APIs publish their own list of errors that they make available through the Error Reporting Agent

  • Tracing Agent

    Provides an interface for any external Debugging Manager to set debugging and tracing criteria and then any request / response matching that criteria is also sent to the external manager.

  • Configuration Agent

    Exposes a set of CLI commands that can be used to update product configuration through an external system. Optionally a desktop based GUI client may be available to configure products easily

Integration Pack

Provides a set of Agents that enable integration of the product with external elements.

  • Message Broker Agent

    Provides a rendezvous to integrate any external ESB (Enterprise Service Bus) with the product. Each AdvOSS product fires its own messages which are available on Message Broker Agent. Both Synchronous and Asynchronous requests are supported.

  • Product API

    Provides complete product API that can be called by any North-bound client.

Adaptability Pack

Provides means to adapt a product’s functionality to unique business requirements.

  • Policy Broker Agent

    Provides a rendezvous where all Policy Queries are sent and any external Policy Server may be plugged in easily. Each product and its API provides a list of Policy Queries that it makes available to its Policy Broker Agent. Product falls to default functionality if no Policy Server is configured for a specific Policy query.

Other Carrier Packs

  • Database Scalability Pack

    Provides methods to allow scalability of the databases and also provides database independence. Includes license for AdvOSS DTMS (Database and Transaction Management System)

  • Application Scalability Pack

    Provides a Layer 7 dispatcher for the said application that allows multiple instances of the application server to be deployed behind a high speed dispatcher.

  • Audit Trail Pack

    Provides a complete history of all the records that were deleted or updated in the database. Provides placeholders to cross-refer these changes with higher level applications to capture who did the change, how and when.

  • Customization Pack

    Includes complete source code for the front-end and back-end systems including:

    • GUI menus
    • GUI dashboards and workflows
    • Call Flows for AAA and SIP
    • Reports
    • Scheduled Jobs
    • Language Resource Files for localization
    • Provisioning workflows
    • Default Policy Queries and Hooks
  • Business Intelligence Pack

    Provides a set of preformed Views, Summary Tables, Triggers and OLAP cubes along with a set of sample reports to be used in further business intelligence and as input to other decision support systems

  • Extensibility Pack

    Provides a set of tools to write XML based metadata driven GUIs and a also way to extend the product data model through XML based structures. The extended XML can then be consumed in workflows or call flows to extend Product functionality.

  • Disaster Recovery Pack

    Provides a scaled down version of the application well suited for deployment on a highly virtualized DR deployment along with means to replicate data from master site to DR site in near real-time. Also includes the license to run the product on a DR site in standby mode.

  • Revenue Assurance Pack

    Provides a set of extra API calls that can be called from any external system as well as background running process that continuously ascertain the integrity of data as it is being entered. Module provides external hooks to extend the functionality as needed.

  • Service Assurance Pack

    Provides a set of routines that can be called by any external network monitoring system to invoke sophisticated application level checks that ascertain the availability of service and make decisions about available. Same information can also be used to determine the quality of service delivered to the end client.

    It also includes a license for peer to peer AdvOSS Heartbeat application.





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