Message Broker Agent


Message Broker Agent is one of the Agents available in the Integration Pack on all AdvOSS Platforms. All AdvOSS Products are running within an AdvOSS Platform and expose their API through their platform.


To facilitate integration of AdvOSS Products with any third party system, AdvOSS fully supports sending messages of relevant interest through all of its APIs. Each message has a unique ID and should be seen as a unique topic of interest.


The Message Broker Agent within the platform is capable of talking to one Message Broker Manager more commonly known as the Enterprise Service Bus. For this article, we will call it the ESB (Enterprise Service Bus). The ESB has the capability to configure the Message Broker Agent about the list of Message IDs in which it is interested in. Once the Message Broker Agent in the AdvOSS Platform receives a Message from any of its product applications, it relays the message to the ESB.


ESB then offers a standard publisher / subscriber model for any external elements to loosely couple themselves with the AdvOSS Products.


AdvOSS Platform also provides timestamping and queueing mechanisms to buffer the messages in case it cannot immediately reach the ESB


AdvOSS Provisioning Engine comes with its own ESB module that can serve as the ESB for all Message Broker Agents in all AdvOSS Platform. The same module also provides means to get attached to any external ESB like Microsoft Biztalk, Apache Service Mix or IBM Websphere etc.



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