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Service Monitoring

Service Monitoring enables an Operator to create scripts using AdvOSS SDE (Services Delivery Engine) which will act as intelligent layer 7 clients and will monitor key aspects of an Operator’s network and elements.

Some key such protocols supported are:

  • Radius
  • SIP
  • Diameter

In addition to a long list of other supported protocols:

  • SSH Scripts through Expect
  • Specially formed database queries
  • SOAP / WSDL and all other forms of http protocols

Looking at the response and using the power of SDE supported protocols, most intelligent analysis tools can be written that implement any arbitrary logic to verify and validate the response to gain more insightful health checks about the monitored application and raise alarms based on response packet analysis.

The requests are seen by the monitored application as coming from a real client. Some applications may expose specially formed routines to be invoked by such Service Monitoring systems. Most other AdvOSS Products offer such specific APIs to be called by Service Monitoring systems that reveal and test complete end to end health and functionality of the system. This monitoring technique does not depend on the monitoring agent running inside the monitored application and can be used to monitor any arbitrary program.

Configuration allows the user to set Alarms to be sent to any Alarm Management System when certain criteria has been met.

The requests and responses are logged in databases which can then be processed for different analysis. The information stored among other things include:

  • Actual Request and Response payload
  • Response Time

Service Monitoring can be made geographically redundant and be used to simulate actual SLA as experienced by the Client.

Other industry terms:

  • Synthetic Monitoring
  • In-Band Monitoring
  • Active Monitoring
  • Layer 7 Monitoring
  • Real User Monitoring
  • Agentless Monitoring
  • QoS Monitoring
  • QoE Monitoring
  • Customer Experience Monitoring
  • Service Level Monitoring
  • SLA Monitoring
  • Application Monitoring
  • Continuous Auditing

Network Monitoring

Network Monitoring module enables an Operator to configure monitoring of out-of-band statistics and metrics as may be exposed by a monitoring agent built inside the applications. Different protocols are supported including SNMP and XML.

Most AdvOSS Applications provide their own Monitoring Agent with a set of key statistics and metrics along with traps to be consumed by any external Network Monitoring System.

Module can be configured to send Alerts to any external Alerting Application when monitored metrics cross certain predefined threshold boundaries or when the agents themselves send some traps / alerts.

Other Industry Names

  • Entity Management System
  • SNMP Management System
  • Passive Monitoring
  • Out-Of-Band Monitoring

Performance Monitoring

This is a high performance application designed to receive detailed activity logs and other facts from any logging agent built into the monitored applications.

This module inserts all these records into a high performance database. Configuration allows an Operator to setup different metrics on multiple sliding window controls defined over varying time sizes to have insightful statistics about near real-time behaviour of the monitored system.

Other Industry Names

  • Syslog
  • Trending
  • Data Analytics

Error Monitoring

This module connect to fault / error reporting agent built inside the monitored applications. All AdvOSS products come with an Error Monitoring Agent that receives all errors generated by the applications. All AdvOSS Applications classify all errors as per the SLA roles so that alerting can forward the error to the appropriate personnel responsible for that role.

Pre-Classified errors include:

  • Data Manager
  • Product Administrator
  • Platform and System Administrator
  • IT & Development for any errors in Workflows, Call Flows or other pieces of Code
  • Database Administrator
  • Product API

This module can be configured to send Alerts to any external Alerting Application when certain errors occur.
Other Industry Names:

  • Fault Monitoring

Trace Monitoring

This module works in conjunction with any Tracing Agent which might be built into the monitored applications. It allows a maintenance engineer to turn on higher level traces and set the criteria for those traces if supported.

All AdvOSS Products come with their respective Tracing Agent that allows any Trace Monitoring system to setup the debugging criteria and receive traces for all activity matching that criteria.

Other Industry Names

  • Diagnostics system
  • Troubleshooting system
  • Maintenance system

Alarm Management

Alarm Management is the module that receives alarms from all of the above monitoring applications and process these alarms and decides on ‘Actions’ to be taken on such Alarms. One common action is to send an Alert to the Alerting Application that will eventually alert an Administrator through some communication means for manual remedial action.

Alternately, the Alarm Management system allows an Operator to write scripts using the power of AdvOSS SDE (Services Delivery Engine) that will invoke M2M (Machine to Machine)

Other Industry Names:

  • Failover Management
  • Disaster Recovery
  • High Availability
  • Automatic Recovery
  • Automatic Switchover
  • Business Continuity
  • Emergency Management
  • Disaster Prevention
  • Service Assurance

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