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AdvOSS NMS (Network Management System) is a suite of modules that handle multiple aspects of managing an Operator’s network.

They include monitoring of different types that receives monitoring information from all monitored elements and raises Alarms towards a unified Alarm Management system. The Alarm Management system acts as the nerve center for the whole network where decisions are made to automatic remedial action or manual alerting as a result of alarms.

AdvOSS SDE (Services Delivery Engine) is running at the heart of the AdvOSS NMS. All other AdvOSS Products and Applications come with compatible monitoring Agents that have designed to report all relevant activity to their corresponding managers within the NMS. For monitoring other applications which may not have compatible managers, AdvOSS NMS offers powerful scripting capabilities using SCCXML (Service and Call Control XML) to facilitate monitoring.

Other Industry Names:

  • FCAPS (Fault, Configuration, Administration, Performance, Security)
  • FAB (Fulfillment, Assurance, Billing)
  • EMS (Entity Management System)
  • Network Administration
  • OAMP (Operations, Administration, Maintenance and Provisioning)
  • OAMPT (Operations, Administration, Maintenance, Provisioning and Troubleshooting

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