AdvOSS Webinar Video - New AAA Business Use Cases for Wi-Max and 4G Networks

Date: 6th Dec 2011 9:00am PST
Title: New AAA Business Use Cases for Wi-Max and 4G Networks
Presenter: Syed Hashmi - Founder & CEO AdvOSS

AAA Server is at the core of any Communications Service Provider (CSP). In addition to traditional functions of Authentication, Authorization and Accounting of both subscribers and services, modern AAA solutions for Wi-MAX and 4G wireless networks are expected to do lot more.

Presentation slides can be downloaded from here. The Duration of the Webinar Video is 01h: 00m


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About Presenter:

Syed Hashmi is the founder and CEO of AdvOSS; an emerging leader in telecommunication software and solution market place. He is an industry veteran, leading design, development & overall strategy of AdvOSS products currently deployed for many Telco's & Communication Service Providers worldwide.

Panelists at Webinar:

Key Audience:

Key Audience is business executives and technical management of CSPs, Telecom System Integrators and Value Added Resellers