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NMS Modules & Features

Element Management

  • AdvOSS NMS provides Element Management tool to maintain Element Managers (SNMP Agents).
  • Agents/Element Managers can be categorized logically in multiple groups
  • Provides an easy way for MIB management related to a specific Element Manager

Performance Monitoring

  • AdvOSS NMS provides an SNMP based Monitoring tool to track performance attributes associated to a Network Element
  • Multiple Performance MIBS (including AdvOSS proprietary MIBs) can be attached to an NE
  • Live Performance Stats can be queried using filtered OID sets
  • Performance Stats cache is also maintained to get a historic stats report

Configuration Management

  • AdvOSS NMS provides an SNMP based Network Element's configuration tool.
  • Multiple configurations MIBs (including AdvOSS proprietary MIBs) can be attached to an NE.
  • Enables viewing of configuration attributes values of an NE remotely.
  • Enables configuration attributes of an NE be altered remotely

Fault/Trap Management

  • AdvOSS NMs provides a comprehensive Fault Management Tool to capture Alerts, Traps and notifications from SNMP agents.
  • Trap Receiver service captures traps from all the registered SNMP Agents and dump them in RDBMS automatically.
  • Automatic & Manual Trap categorization (Trap Identification Rules) is supported for rational traps' persistence and effective future analysis and reporting.
  • A feature rich Network Analyzer tool is provided to view, analyze (Charting and Reporting) traps and notifications in real time.