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Cloud Hosting Partners offer the full Platform or the Software as a Service to Operators. Working on a multi-tenant hierarchy of Operators, they create virtual partitions for each operator who share many parts of an existing bigger System, Cloud Hosting Providers add value by allowing smaller operators an option to launch their Services who do not yet have the economy of scale to do all parts of the Service providing themselves.

Cloud Hosting Partners provide:

  • Multi-Tenant Partitions to Operators
  • Virtualization Management

AdvOSS support for Hosting Partners include:

  • Special GUI for Platform as a Service Providers to manage Operator Partitions
  • Special architectures to support other third party Application Servers in a virtualized hosted environment
  • Special utility type billing mechanisms to allow Hosting Partners to only pay for the actual usage and always a portion of their gross revenue

Cloud Hosting Providers benefits include:

  • Special Revenue sharing models with AdvOSS
  • Options for up-selling and cross-selling of other products to the same operators
  • Options to provide other related value adds like complete Service Management

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