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Cloud based architectures have allowed the job of managing all the nuts and bolts of running a service to be delegated to a Service Management providers that specializes in such skills. Typically a Service Management Provider would:

  • Have a 24x7 NOC with the capability to Monitor the health of all key elements in real-time
  • Trained personnel available to fix system level issues themselves right there
  • Skills in managing other parts of the Platform that may include databases, operating system processes, network, security, intrusion detection and others.

AdvOSS support to Managed Service Providers include:

  • Detailed SOPs on how to tackle different situations with AdvOSS products as they arise
  • Free training to personnel involved in Monitoring the NOCs
  • Built-in Monitoring agents on industry standard interfaces to allow plugging in key AdvOSS products into provider's existing NOCs and Monitoring Managers
  • Proactive alerting features in products
  • Automatic and Semi-Automatic processes for high availability and fail-over in case of failures
  • SOPs on how to engage Level1, 2 or 3 support as and when needed
  • Optional engagement in product Maintenance activities including patch management and regular upgrades

Benefits for Managed Service Providers include:

  • Ongoing service charges from the Operator

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