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System Integrators have their core competence in keeping a full System level understanding of today's Service Providers. A full functioning System or a Platform would include many other products in addition to the ones provided by AdvOSS. System Integrators are a key value addition layer in today's network deployments. After initial deployment, usually the System integrator continues to provide Maintenance and Level 1 Support for the system.

Core competencies required by System Integrators include:

  • Trained deployment engineers
  • General skills required for integration of different components into complete telecommunication systems
  • Integration of different products and components possibly from different vendors
  • Fleet of (optionally on-site) support engineers to provide level 1 support and maintenance.

AdvOSS Support to System Integration Partners includes:

  • Extensive free training to on-site engineers about different aspects of deployment
  • Free Subject Matter Expert availability in System Design phase
  • Pre-designed deployment templates for typical scenarios
  • Extensive Product Acceptance Test documents
  • Specialized free of cost tools for maintenance of the products

System Integrator benefits include:

  • Substantial margins on gross sale amounts
  • Options for recurring income through Maintenance and Level 1 Support contracts
  • Further income opportunities on new up-sell, cross-sell and repeat orders
  • Further income opportunities going up the value chain in possibly providing Hardware, other infrastructure or by running 24x7 NOC for customers.

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