AdvOSS Policy and Charging Control Suite

AdvOSS Policy and Charging Control Suite provides Radius and Diameter based applications that are used to control the policy parameters and also provide end to end charging of the services in real-time and near real-time as they are being delivered.

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AdvOSS RADIUS Server (ARS) is a highly reliable RADIUS server that provides centralized authentication, authorization and accounting (AAA), catering to the real time charging needs of CSPs such as VoIP, Broadband, WiMax, and other Next Generation service providers.

It can serve Diameter based clients embedded in soft-switches, Policy Servers, HSS, call control servers , application servers , and other Network elements in next generation telecommunication environments.

AdvOSS Charging & Rating Engine enables a service provider to track usage of its services by its customers. It includes a quota manager that consumes usage of services against different counters defined as part of subscriptions

AdvOSS AAA is a Carrier Grade high performance & scalable Server that provides Authentication, Authorization and Accounting over Radius Protocols. It can be used by any telecom or other service provider to get a real-time interface to backend billing and OSS system.

PCRF provides a complete realization of 3GPP2 PCC (Policy Charging and Control) framework and specially the PCRF.

AdvOSS HSS is required by any communications service providers such as Telecoms, wired and wireless broadband providers in 3G, 4G, LTE or other technologies as the centralized data repository.

AdvOSS Mediation is comprehensive solution for CDR/UDRs Mediation and is widely deployed in telecom carriers' ranging from small-grade carriers to national-grade carriers across the globe.

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