PCRF for RADIUS based Broadband networks
PCRF (Policy & Charging Rules Function) is at the heart of any modern communications service provider’s core network and it controls the way services are delivered and charged for customers. The standard developed mainly for 3G and newer standards and requires a real-time DIAMETER based access network. But most CSPs worldwide today still have a RADIUS based network but would like to benefit from the use cases made possible by PCRF like fair-usage and tiered service plans. AdvOSS offers a complete PCRF solution for Radius based networks.
Business Case
Interface Points
Solution Options
Organizational Benefits

Solution Components

The solution comprises of the following basic products

Functional Products

The core of AdvOSS PCRF for RADIUS solution is composed of the following two AdvOSS products:

Supporting products

The solution also comes bundled with the following products that support the core products:

Optional Products

The solution can be enhanced with the following additional products as and when required by CSPs: