PCRF for RADIUS based Broadband networks
PCRF (Policy & Charging Rules Function) is at the heart of any modern communications service provider’s core network and it controls the way services are delivered and charged for customers. The standard developed mainly for 3G and newer standards and requires a real-time DIAMETER based access network. But most CSPs worldwide today still have a RADIUS based network but would like to benefit from the use cases made possible by PCRF like fair-usage and tiered service plans. AdvOSS offers a complete PCRF solution for Radius based networks.
Business Case
Interface Points
Solution Options
Organizational Benefits

Business use cases

AdvOSS PCRF for RADIUS solution comes pre-packaged with several important business use cases. However, more use cases may be easily added on the fly as advanced business requirements emerge for CSPs. The major pre-packaged business use cases include:

  • Volume Caps with Subscriptions
  • Fair Usage
  • Time Based Quotas
  • Quotas based on other criteria
  • Daily or Periodic usage limits
  • Mid Service Alerts

Details of these use cases can be found at http://www.advoss.com/pcrf-business-usecases.html

Deployment Scenarios

AdvOSS solution can be deployed in an existing CSP network without much hassle or restructuring of the network. AdvOSS offers the following three options in this regard:

RADIUS proxy

AdvOSS RADIUS AAA sits between the RADIUS clients and any existing RADIUS servers. Each RADIUS packet goes through the AdvOSS RADIUS and it proxies the requests to back-end RADIUS while applying policy driven service control to realize PCRF use cases.

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UDR processing

In this scenario, AdvOSS AAA acts as a mediation engine that processes UDRs (Usage Data Records) generated by existing AAA or billing and charging systems, processes them periodically in near real-time, and applies PCRF driven service control to subscriber sessions through RADIUS CoA requests sent to access network elements.

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Full replacement of existing AAA

This option replaces the current AAA with the AdvOSS enhanced AAA and PCRF solution for RADIUS networks. This option is always available for CSPs who want to replace existing AAA for any reason and provide the new PCRF enabled use cases while keeping everything else as the same. AdvOSS provides complete integration services of its own solution with back-end charging and billing and other support systems in this case.

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