Prepaid / Postpaid Solution

AdvOSS SIP Prepaid solution includes the following products:

  • SIP based Softswitch
  • LCR Engine
  • Session Border Controller
  • Wholesale VoIP Billing System

AdvOSS Prepaid Wholesale solution – Key Features:

  • Highly scalable SIP Compliant Proxy & Registrar
  • Powerful & Flexible Routing Core
  • Admission control on Ingress to limit CPS (Calls per Second) per Originator
  • Rate limiting on Egress side. To limit flow traffic to each Terminator
  • Prepaid Authorization
  • Authorization of each wholesale call per Originator
  • Mid call Re-authorization with unit reservation
  • Quota Management and distribution of balance between concurrent calls per Originator(Balance can never go negative)
  • Topology hiding via SIP B2BUA
  • Media Relaying(Optional)
  • NAT Traversal on Terminator side (optional)
  • High Performance and Memory resident LCR engine
  • Revenue assurance in LCR (Assure zero revenue loss)
  • Forced Routing /Priority Routing
  • Carrier Account Creation, Configuration and Management
  • Terminator module for doing billing for termination side vendors
  • Flexible Call Rating & tariff management for carriers
  • Invoicing Management for individual carriers
  • Reports
  • Vendor/terminator Management and LCR (Least cost routing) among multiple terminators

Network Diagram

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