Service Charging Platform

AdvOSS Service Charging Solutions are a set of seven independent products that are used to facilitate billing and charging of services.

Handles all aspects of Services, Product Catalogue, Subscribers, their Subscriptions and Identities. Provides web based portals for Administrators, Customer Service Representatives, Channel Partners, Suppliers and Customers Self-Serve

Provides billing of Subscription based services, their invoicing, payment processing, Subscriber Life Cycle Management, integration with Charging and Rating engine as well as Provisioning of Services.

Provides Account Balance Management, Counter Management, Rating and Charging of instances of Service Usage as well as Credit Control.

Provides solution for pre-paid vouchers through their complete life-cycle and integration with Billing and other payment processing systems

Provides complete management of sales channels for new customer sign-up, payment processing and post-sales operations. Supports creation, distribution and redemption of electronic credit.

Provides billing settlements towards Interconnect partners. Uses Rating engine to rate instances of individual service usage. Also provides reconciliation of individual records from both sides.

Provides programming interfaces to execute different kind of work flows and other APIs exposed by network and functional elements

Service Management Platform

AdvOSS Service Management Solutions are a set of five independent products that form a bridge between the Service Delivery elements and Service Charging Elements and allow the Service Provider to Manage the services according to the business and delivery rules.

Provides interfaces to any kind of AAA client including Radius and provides AAA Applications that provide the glue between the AAA Server and all other network elements in the core. It includes applications for Authentication, Authorization, Accounting and Service Profile Management.

Provides means for a Service Provider to define rules that realize their required business logic into technical parameters. Includes PCRF for Bandwidth Management and other Service Profile Management use cases.

Provides a comprehensive repository to store all Subscription and Identity related data of Subscribers. Works close with Service Charging and Service Delivery functions to serve multiple business use cases in domains of Service Differentiation, Service Feature Monetization and Service Personalization

Provides means for a Service Provider to continuously monitor the Services being delivered at the 'functional' level. Built over Service Delivery Platform, it allows extensive support to monitor services being delivered over SIP, AAA, Media streams and others.

Provides interfaces between different network elements that are generating data about service usage and provides means to correlate it and insert into back end systems

It can serve Diameter based clients embedded in soft-switches, Policy Servers, HSS, call control servers , application servers , and other Network elements in next generation telecommunication environments.

Service Delivery Platform

AdvOSS Service Delivery Solutions are a set of six independent products that are used to delivery telephony, telecom and communications facilities.

A SIP Based Session Border Controller providing all Session Border Control functions in addition to serving as IMS Core Calls Servers P-CSCF, I-CSCF and S-CSCF

A Engine that allows Service Providers to Create and Execute Scripts for delivery, management, monitoring and provisioning of Services. Offers a powerful scripting language as well as primitives for SIP, AAA, Media Control and other required functions

A SIP Based Application Server for telecoms allowing wholesale providing of SIP Trunking services to Enterprises.

A SIP Based Application Server for telecoms allowing them to provide residential phones over broadband connections.

A SIP Based Application Server for telecoms allowing them to offer pre-paid calling cards and other similar phone to phone services.

An Engine that allows the routing of each voice call or other service request towards the vendor providing the least cost for that destination. Integrates with any other SIP based or Radius based Application Server

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