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AdvOSS Provisioning System executes all changes on the network elements required for order fulfillment or service management purposes. It provides multiple transports to integrate with different types of interfaces. It can integrate with any work flow orchestration engine and includes three different types of orchestration engines. Provides complete input validation, audit trails, transactional execution, reporting and support for bulk operations.
Business Use Cases
Integration Points
Business Use Cases

  • Multiple Communication Protocols
    • Socket (JSON/XML)
    • Web Service (SOAP/XML)
  • Client Authentication
  • Input Request validation
  • Admission Control (North-bound)
  • Invoking external Work Flow Processor
    • XProc
    • Groovy Pipelines
    • SCCXML
    • Any third party work flow processor
  • Calling south-bound work APIs
  • Request/Response Logging
  • Bulk Operations
    • Execution Schemes:
      • Immediate Execution
      • Manual Execution
      • Scheduled Execution
    • Multiple data sources for Provisioning Batch (Bulk Operation) data submission.
      • XML
      • CSV
      • Excel Sheets
      • SQL Query
    • An API URI has be to specified for which batch is being submitted for execution.
  • Distributed Transaction Management
  • Replays and Rollbacks
    • Request Replays
    • Work Replays
      • Individual Work
      • Per Network Element
  • Rate Limiting (South-Bound)
  • Network Element Registration and Discovery
  • Periodic queue polling
  • Scheduled Operations
  • Searching and BI
    • Provisioning Engine logs each activity (API call) going through it and hence provide Search and BI over detailed attributes list helping track and audit the network traffic.
    • Following Attributes are available for Search and BI:
      • Administrator
      • Client IP Address
      • Timestamps (Received/Executed)
      • Network Element
      • Specific API URI
      • ReturnCode/ReturnString/Status
      • XPath queries over actual Request & Response Data.

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