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AdvOSS Provisioning System executes all changes on the network elements required for order fulfillment or service management purposes. It provides multiple transports to integrate with different types of interfaces. It can integrate with any work flow orchestration engine and includes three different types of orchestration engines. Provides complete input validation, audit trails, transactional execution, reporting and support for bulk operations.
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AdvOSS Provisioning System is a powerful next generation Provisioning solution for CSPs that enables quick activation of multiple services in an integrated manner across various technology domains.

AdvOSS Provisioning System is modular and flexible, to allow for incorporating provisioning logic specific to any kind of network resource whenever the need arises. It offers exceptional flexibility to CSPs to define and implement their Provisioning workflows using workflow processors such as W3C standard XProc (XML based), Groovy Pipelines (Java based), SCCXML based SDP (Scripting based) and others. AdvOSS Provisioning Engine act as a layer that sits between the Clients and the Network Elements. It receives "Requests" from the Clients and executes them on Network Elements.

Architecture of AdvOSS Provisioning System is based on open APIs and hence can be easily integrated with other B/OSS products to build larger solutions. AdvOSS has a range of B/OSS products in its portfolio with which AdvOSS Provisioning System comes

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Other Industry Names for This Product:

  • Service Activation
  • Provisioning Engine
  • Telecom Service Fulfillment

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