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SDE Programming Methods

  • SDE is an application program that runs as a single Operating System process.
  • It supports two programming methodologies:
    • Scripting
      • A programming environment based on scripting.
      • The scripting language is based on a CCXML (W3C standard, www.ccxml.org).
      • The language uses XML with embedded JavaScript.
      • Language has been extended to support powerful new primitives.
    • REST API
      • An HTTP based RESTFUL API for Call Control and other useful tasks. This API enables service orchestration on SDE while programming on external frameworks such as MVC based frameworks implementing web-technologies such as Ruby on Rails, Groovy on Grails or J2EE, PHP etc.
  • One instance of the SDE process is able to run several user-programmed scripts written in CCXML/JavaScript concurrently, where each script implements its own service logic and is selectable according to multiple different criteria on incoming traffic.
  • A SIP application is a collection of one or more CCXML scripts. Each script is usually running one SIP session.
  • SIP sessions are passed between multiple scripts within the SDE process using SIP interface between them to orchestrate complex service logic.


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