Key Benefits
Software Architecture
Programming Methods
Use Cases

SDE Salient features

  • It provides the foundation for SIP-based Services, Applications and business logic for service delivery in a Cloud based or on premises communications environment.
  • It can be used to program, customize and enhance next generation communication services in an all IP network.
  • It is ideal for services that require complex service logic and interactions between several network elements and components. 
  • It enables creation of blended services that may involve several protocol stacks and sub-systems, connecting them into arbitrary logic that enables realization of business use cases that were either not possible, or prohibitively difficult with traditional communication systems.
  • Enables Enterprises and Service Providers to keep up with fast changing business requirements, driven by the need to remain competitive and offer differentiation and value addition to customers.
  • Enhancements and modification in service logic can be made without frequently changing the source code and waiting for new software releases.


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