AdvOSS SDP is a Programmable, Extensible and Enhanceable Service Delivery Platform that enables the CSPs to develop and integrate new services at a brisk pace, as per their business requirements.

Carrier Grade Packs

AdvOSS SDP is a complete service creation and delivery platform that provides the core execution environment for most AdvOSS products. This platform is at the heart of all AdvOSS SIP based Application Services, Session Border Controller, AAA servers, Policy Rules Evaluation Engine and Media Server. It is the core enabler for next generation services.

Applications built on top of SDP are Programmable and Extensible on the fly. This enables the Communications Service Providers (CSPs) to develop and integrate new services at a brisk pace, as per their business requirements.

Applications built on top of SDP are also inherently Carrier Grade. This is because they inherit all the Carrier Grade features of the platform such as High Availability, Scalability, Event Logging & Monitoring, Error Reporting, Tracing & Debugging to name a few. SDP has been built from ground up to enable developers to build and deploy feature rich SIP and other advanced business applications. It has its own scripting language and a run-time for user defined scripts.

Users can build their own scripts in a simple, standardized XML based language called Call Control XML (CCXML). Users can therefore use simple CCXML primitives and write applications enabling them to quickly transform ideas to solutions.

AdvOSS has greatly enhanced CCXML to make it feature rich and suited for advanced Applications in the Telecommunication and Service Provider domains. Extensions include support for Authentication, Authorization and Accounting (AAA) clients and servers among others. This allows applications to interface with billing systems either directly or through Radius and Diameter protocols.

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