AdvOSS Service Provisioning Platform lays the foundation for an Operational Support System for a service provider. It allows them to build their service charging, service delivery and service control products over this unified OSS. It follows TMForum's Frameworx model. All AdvOSS Products are built over AdvOSS Service Provisioning Platform
Organizational Benefits


  • Customer & Order Management
    Customer & Order Management offers a TMForum’s SID compliant information Framework that can be extended by other applications to build on top of it. In addition to the Information model, it also lays the foundation of a basic Application Framework that can be used by other applications for their own functionality.
  • Provisioning Engine
    Provisioning Engine offers a complete Business Process Framework that can be used by any Service Provider to realize all of its business process whether used to call AdvOSS Applications or other third party applications. In addition to this, it also offers an integration framework on full SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) model to allow service providers to integrate other components in a loosely coupled fashion.
  • Network Management System
    Provides a foundation NMS that can call other Agents and EMS built into other products. All AdvOSS Platforms allow native support for AdvOSS NMS
  • Policy Server
    A futuristic product that allows a service provider to adapt the processing through a rules based engine and apply policy anywhere in the network.


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