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AdvOSS SBC (Session Border Controller) provides powerful border control functionality by allowing control and manipulation of signaling and media packets for secure VoIP communication.
Technical Use Cases
Business Use Cases


  • SBC-001 SIP B2BUA
    Implements the SIP Back to Back User Agent as per standards

  • SBC-002 SIP Registrar with Native Location DB
    Implements a SIP Registrar as per standards

  • SBC-003 Intelligent Proxy for SIP Registrations and Non-INVITE session creating packets

  • SBC-004 Topology hiding

  • SBC-005 Global Access Policy Profiles

  • SBC-006 Global Peering Policy Profiles

  • SBC-007 Service Selection

  • SBC-008 Service Level Profiles

  • SBC-009 Subscriber level profiles

  • SBC-0010 Load balancing across multiple Core Soft-Switches

  • SBC-0011 RADIUS based Digest Authentication

  • SBC-0012 Source IP Authentication and Access Control List

  • SBC-0013 Credit Authorization

  • SBC-0014 Media Authorization

  • SBC-0015 Concurrency Authorization

  • SBC-0016 Bandwidth Budgeting Authorization and admission control

  • SBC-0017RADIUS based Real-time Accounting

  • SBC-0018 Source IP based Ingress Rate limiting and DOS protection

  • SBC-0019 Service and feature level CDR generation

  • SBC-0020 Event logging and Monitoring

  • SBC-0021 SIP Header Manipulation

  • SBC-0022 Number Translation Rules

  • SBC-0023 Multi-tenancy support

  • SBC-0024 Dynamic unknown IP Blacklisting based on exceeding of rate limit

  • SBC-0025 TLS(signaling encryption and tunneling for user agents) Security
    Implements secure transmission of SIP packets using TLS encryption of outgoing messages to terminators using sips: and decryption of TLS on incoming packets that are using TLS.

  • SBC-0026 Media Relaying

  • SBC-0027 Media Trans-coding

  • SBC- 0028 Video Calls Support

  • SBC-0029 SRTP (Media encryption)

  • SBC-0030 RTP inactivity detection

  • SBC-0031 Media Codec Prioritization and Filtering

  • SBC-0032 Least Cost Routing with 0% revenue loss

  • SBC-0033 QoS Routing

  • SBC-0034 Priority based static Routing (Overriding LCR)

  • SBC-0035 Global Route Plan

  • SBC-036 Route failover to secondary routes on unavailability

  • SBC-0037 ENUM (toll bypass)

  • SBC-0038 External Routing Server query on SIP (302 Redirect) or native API

  • SBC-0039 Interconnect Partner Management

  • SBC-0040 Interconnect partner capacity enforcement

  • SBC-0041 Interconnect partner Media codec filtering and adaptation

  • SBC-0042 Interconnect side Digest authentication acting as user agent

  • SBC-0043 DID Management

  • SBC-0044 Packet loss and delay calculation and reporting per call

  • SBC-0045 ASR and ACD reporting per Route

  • SBC-0046 Emergency Call handling

  • SBC-0047 Call Recording

  • SBC-0048 Lawful Intercept

  • SBC-0049 Registration events notification (Registrar event package)

  • SBC-0050 Packet Router for Signaling load balancing

  • SBC-0051 Packet Router for Media Load Balancing

  • SBC-0052 High Availability and Automatic IP Takeover

  • SBC-0053 Service Orchestration and Mediation

  • SBC-999 Administration GUI
    Provides a web based graphical user interface for administration of all supported use cases

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