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AdvOSS SIP Application Server provides Call Control Intelligence and Service Logic exexcution for feature rich SIP Applications. This includes various Value Added & Class 5 Application Servers which can be used for providing Residential, Enterprise & Wholesale/Peering services and more.

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AdvOSS SIP Application Servers have the following modules offering a very rich combination of features:

a) SIP Call Control Module:
This module Enables the AdvOSS SIP Application Server to deploy and manage call-control based services in SIP networks.It offers full support to act in the following roles :

  • User Agent: It offers functionalities of User Agent Client ( UAC) as well as User Agent Server ( UAS)
  • B2BUA (Back 2 Back User Agent)
  • SIP Proxy: SIP Application Server can also be used as a Sip Proxy( e.g. when it has AAA features etc )
  • SIP Redirect Server

b) AAA Client Module:
AdvOSS AS has an integrated AAA Client supporting Radius and Diameter protocols for AAA(Authentication, Authorization & Accounting).

  • Authentication:

As part of configuration of application server from global settings , service profile settings and subscriber profile settings it will decide whether to do authentication from local file , local DB or AAA protocol like Radius and Diameter. The following types of authentication criteria are supported independent of where the actual authentication takes place:

  • PIN based
  • CLI based
  • Username & Password based
  • IP Based
  • Tech Prefix Based
  • Authorization:

Supports Authorization of the following types:

- Credit Authorization and control
Supports complete real time Authorization of incoming traffic from Originating Carriers and subscribers .This enables support for prepaid models via balance checks and postpaid models via credit limit checks , all in real time. This limits the financials risks for the CSP.
It also supports enhanced options like support for unit /quota reservation model with periodic reauthorizations.

- Concurrency control and Authorization:
This feature enables the CSP to deal with maximum number of ongoing sessions per Customer/Originator.

  • Accounting:

Supports AAA Accounting for sending following types of accounting packets to Charging Systems:

  • Start Accounting
  • Interim Accounting
  • Stop Accounting

c) Media Authorization Module
AdvOSS AS supports Media Authorization, media proxy and relaying based on allowed codecs for Originators/subscribers. This module offers Policy Enforcement based on the configuration of the system whereby the AdvOSS AS can be configured to selectively enable or disable sessions based on combination of the following:

  • Codec Types
  • Subscriber /Originator

i.e. different subscribers/originators can have different policy for allowed codecs.

d) Media Server Interfacing Module
Through Media Server Interfacing module , AdvOSS AS controls the behaviour of the AdvOSS Media Server by sending it commands through SIP. The following features of the AdvOSS Media Server can be controlled through this module:
  • Media Transcoding
  • Media relaying
  • Media mixing
  • DTMF collection
  • Recording of media files e.g. for voicemail applications
  • Playing of media files

The AdvOSS Media Server has support for the following Codecs:

  • G729
  • G711 ulaw
  • G711 alaw
  • GSM

e) Database Module
The Database Module is a repository for all the data required for the realization of services by an Application Server. This contains data like configuration settings ,service profiles and subscriber profiles.

f) Profile Look up Module
The Profile Look up Module has the capability to look up subscriber and service profiles from the attached database of the Application Server . The semantics of the profile data are application and service dependent.

g) Routing Look up module:
The Routing Look up module provides support for the following routing look up options: Support for ENUM Look up Support for Policy Routes Look up Support for Static Routes Look up Support for LCR Look up

h) Registrar Look up Module:
The Registrar Look up module supports the querying of SIP Registrar to get the updated AOR to IP mapping .

i) CDR Generation Module
The CDR Generation module supports the following three types of CDRs that can be generated for ongoing sessions:

  • Radius based CDRs to be sent to Radius AAA Servers
  • Diameter based CDRs to be sent to Diameter AAA Servers
  • File based CDRs for consumption by other systems like mediation etc.

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