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AdvOSS SIP Application Server provides Call Control Intelligence and Service Logic exexcution for feature rich SIP Applications. This includes various Value Added & Class 5 Application Servers which can be used for providing Residential, Enterprise & Wholesale/Peering services and more.

Integration Points

Integration Points

In order to provide end to end Call Control and Service Delivery, AdvOSS SIP Application Servers communicates with other Call Servers, Media Servers , Core Soft Switches & IMS Application Servers etc over standard SIP interface. AdvOSS has a broad range of Call Control & Switching Applications currently available in its Product Portfolio. This includes Core Softswitch, Session Border Controller & Least Cost Routing Engine.

AdvOSS SIP Application Servers offer point of integration with the following:

  • Softswitch: AdvOSS SIP Application integrates with main Call Control & Switching system of CSP. AdvOSS also offers Core Softswitch which can act as a base module for SIP Application Servers.
  • Session Border Controller: AdvOSS Application Server can be integrated with Session Border Control for providing border control functions and media handling. AdvOSS also provides Sesssion Border Controller which can be an add-on product and is pre-integrated with Application Server.
  • AAA Server: AdvOSS SIP Application Server has built-in AAA client for interfacing with AAA server supporting Radius & Diameter protocols
  • Billing System: AdvOSS SIP AS can integrate with Billing Systems that are responsible for billing and revenue management.
  • Provisioning System:
  • External web applications: e.g. ecommerce, credit card authorization , etc
  • VoMS: Voucher Management System for IVR based Voucher redemption and more. AdvOSS also offers state-of the art Voucher Management Sytem
  • Location Server

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