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AdvOSS SIP Application Server provides Call Control Intelligence and Service Logic exexcution for feature rich SIP Applications. This includes various Value Added & Class 5 Application Servers which can be used for providing Residential, Enterprise & Wholesale/Peering services and more.
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SIP Trunking AS

AdvOSS SIP Trunking Application Server enables realization of SIP Trunking services, one of the most popular VoIP segment nowadays. It comes with Application logic and core modules/features required for execution of SIP Trunking services.

SIP Trunking AS integrates with CSP's other Network elements such as Core Softswitch, Billing & Customer Management Systems which are part of a complete SIP Trunking Solution. AdvOSS also offers complete solution with comprehensive SIP Trunking Management capabilities. Other products in SIP Trunking Solution offering includes Core Softswitch, SBC, LCR Engine, Billing & Provisioning System.


Supported SIP RFCs

  • RFC 3261
  • RFC 3263
  • RFC 3264
  • RFC 3265
  • RFC 4566
  • RFC 3550
  • RFC 3903
  • RFC 3262
  • RFC 4694
  • RFC 3966
  • RFC 5547
  • RFC 3455
  • RFC 3680
  • RFC 4346


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