SIP Trunking Solution

A SIP Trunk is an alternate of traditional T1/E1 Trunk that enables Enterprise customers to cut down their telephony costs by employing the benefits of full IP based communication inside or outside the enterprise.

SIP Trunking, also sometimes referred to as IP Trunking or VoIP Trunking, allow enterprises and businesses to lower down their network infrastructure and communication costs while reducing the expenses and maximizing the ROI at the same time.

AdvOSS offers comprehensive SIP Trunking Solution enabling CSPs to roll out future proof SIP Trunking services for the Enterprises, DID Providers and other VoIP Service Providers.

Business Case:

SIP Trunking is the fastest growing VoIP service segments around the globe. It's expected to have an 89 percent CAGR from 2008 to 2013*.

More and more Enterprises and corporates are either upgrading and replacing their legacy network infrastructures or considering the deployment of SIP Trunking Services.

Following factors have played major role in the growth of SIP Trunking services.


Exponential growth of IPBX market and mass deployments of IPBXs by the enterprises has also boosted the growth of SIP Trunking services. Organizations want to fully utilize the potential of IP PBX installations and attain benefits of VoIP in addition to their rich PBX features set. While IP PBXs are usually deployed for inter-corporate communication, SIP Trunking further extends the capabilities and enables communication outside the organization over IP cloud.


Traditionally businesses buy TI Trunks/PRI connections from the Telco Service Providers to connect them with their on-premises TDM Gateway infrastructure /PBX systems. When there is a need to extend the existing network enterprises usually have to purchase channels in increments of 24 or 32, regardless of their business need. PRIs could not scale flexibly on a per line basis. Also enterprise on-premises gateway infrastructure also need to be scaled, upgraded or provisioned.

Complex & Costly infrastructure:

SIP Trunking eliminate the need to conventional PRI connections and deploying the Media Gateways infrastructure thus offering significant cost reduction in managing the service.

Reducing operating expenses:

Ongoing Telephony costs and operating expenses are reduced considerably as it eliminate the costs associated with ongoing support & maintenance of Media Gateways


Support & Maintenance of Media gateways infrastructure and associated cost factor is another challenge faced by the enterprise customers not utilizing the SIP Trunking Services.

AdvOSS Offering:


AdvOSS SIP Trunking Solution enables to CSPs to roll out future proof SIP Trunking services for the Enterprises, DID Providers and other VoIP Service Providers.

It offers seamless management of SIP Trunks with enhanced DID Ordering management, DID inventory control, Provisioning, easy management of SIP Trunking Customers & their Service Profiles, authentication, billing, monitoring and more.

Solution Composition:

AdvOSS SIP Trunking Solution is composed of following main products

  • SIP Trunking Application Server
  • Core Softswitch
  • Converged B/OSS Products (CRM with DID Inventory Management, Billing, Charging & Rating Engine, & Provisioning Engine)

Network Diagram

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Solution Benefits:

Some key benefits of AdvOSS SIP Trunking Solution are mentioned below…

Sophisticated SIP Trunks and DID Management:

SIP Trunking offers key business advantages for Enterprises and using AdvOSS SIP Trunking Solution, CSPs can introduce DID based SIP Trunking services.

It offers sophisticated management of SIP Trunks, with robust DID Inventory control & ability to assign, manage and control multiple DIDs with multiple channels or vice versa for SIP Trunking customers.

Compatibility with SIP based IP PBX & Gateways:

AdvOSS SIP Trunking Products are compatible with any on premises SIP based IP PBX/Gateway deployed by the Enterprise.

ENUM/Toll bypass:

AdvOSS SIP Trunking also supports ENUM/Toll bypass, enabling customers to communicate with each other over SIP. Using ENUM lookup calls can be seamlessly routed IP to IP bypassing any a-z terminator or a PSTN network. This IP-IP communications offers significant cost saving to CSPs as well as their customers.


Using AdvOSS SIP Trunking, enterprises can scale quickly as per their business requirement i.e. per line basis and without any risk of over-subscription of voice channels. There are no geographically boundaries are attached like PRIs and solution offers easy management.

Add-on value added offerings:

Using AdvOSS Portfolio, CSPs can offer wide range of high value products or services to their Enterprise Customers which are in hot demand nowadays such as…

  • Fixed Mobile Convergence:
  • Voice over Broadband

Fully Redundant:

AdvOSS Solution is fully redundant and eliminates risk of any single point of failure for an enterprise

Disaster Recovery:

The solution can be deployed in two geographically distant data centers, for disaster recovery reasons

AdvOSS Solution Highlights:

  • Comprehensive Billing & Customer Management
  • Web based DID Ordering Management with Inventory
  • Self care Portal for DID based SIP Trunking Customers & Carriers
  • Order DID's by rate center in bulk
  • LNP Support through external Database
  • Add DID Group (setting Rate per minute, connection charges etc)
  • Import DIDs (bulk, series import options)
  • List DIDs
  • Assign DIDs to Customers
  • Provisioning of DIDs for customers on fly
  • Manage DID based Customers
  • Subscription based charges for channels, Trunks and DID Numbers
  • Real time monitoring of the ongoing calls
  • Automatic Suspension and resumption of services
  • Payment gateway integration for automatic charging
  • Auto provisioning upon signup, payments and term expiry
  • Invoicing & Payments
  • Reports

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