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Affordability is the ability of a software to keep its total cost within the range of affordability of an Operator. It is mainly about the ability to 'pay as you grow' and It has many dimensions to it as explained below:



a- Architectural Affordability

This allows an Operator to start with a smaller deployment when its customer base is low. An Architecture that has a higher minimum 'critical mass' to get going, may not be affordable for an Operator starting with a smaller number of customer. AdvOSS has put the pay as you grow model in its core design and the flexibility is its deployment architectures allows the operators to start with the minimum footprint that fulfills their needs and then add more resources as they grow.



b- Licensing Affordability

Licensing affordability is about the licensing model which should not pose any 'minimum' requirements which are higher than the Operator's capacity or immediate needs.



c- Hardware Affordability

AdvOSS uses all COTS (Common Off the Shelf) hardware and avoids using any more expensive proprietary hardware. This allows an Operator to keep its costs in hardware low and also keep its hardware reusable.



d- Network Affordability

Network Affordability is about using more innovative approaches to have the network. AdvOSS built-in support for Cloud and services offered through the Cloud allows an Operator to take maximum benefit of it. The deployment model clearly abstracts out the layers of an Infrastructure provider which can be very affordably arranged in the Cloud



e- Integration Affordability

Integration affordability is about the ability to add more products without extensive integration costs. AdvOSS offers its full range of products pre integrated with each other minimizing or even eliminating all integrations pains and costs associated with adding more products in the line.



f- Total Cost Affordability

Total cost of ownership for a product does not depend only on the hardware and licensing for the system. Major portion of costs is incurred with use of third party software and systems. AdvOSS strives not to require Operators for third party versions and products that they can do without. This is specially true with database licenses where AdvOSS is usually able to start with Standard Editions instead of Enterprise Editions of the same. When and if the Operator grows beyond the capacity of Standard Editions, they can always seamlessly expand to Enterprise editions.


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