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Auditability is the ability of a software to keep track of what happened, who did it, from where, how and when. AdvOSS offers military grade auditability of its systems. All access to the systems goes through AdvOSS Provisioning Engine if it is modifying any data or through AAA Applications if it is coming from the network. They are both designed to insert a complete audit trail before making any changes. Auditability has many dimensions to it.



a- Who

Each actor to the AdvOSS systems is assigned a unique AdminID and its access passes through Authentication each time they interact with the system. This includes all actors including human beings, schedules jobs, GUI portals, IVR systems, SMSCs, AAA Applications and so on. Since all writes to the database must go through the Transactional APIs, they enforce that auditability information is populated.



b- When

All database activity is logged with timestamps. They are applied by the system automatically and are never taken by the user. Since the detail of each update is also logged, an automatic timestamp is also applied along with storing previous and new values



c- What

The Audit trail stores the details of each Application layer or work flow API that was called. If the request results in the updation of any data, a separate record is always automatically maintained that stores the previous and new values of the record. No record is ever deleted. It is only 'moved' to another deleted records database which is also available online. If the Request results in any changes on the network, they are all logged and attached to the original Request. If the Provisioning Engine is configured this way, it will keep the complete snapshot of the record before making any changes to it.



d- Where

Audit trail not only logs the IDs of authenticated users, it also stores their IP addresses at the time of making the request as well as their user agents and computer names and all other information available in the Request.This usually allows to get more information from Where the request was initiated.



e- How

The Audit trail stores the full Request that came from the Client and the full response to it along with the backend application or work flow API that was called. This is logged at two level. The Request or Work Flow level and at the level of actual network changes.


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